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All our counseling services are available locally.  ATP can also be arranged long distance.  Contact us to make an appointment.

I Ching

I Ching
The I Ching is an ancient consultation tool to assist our successful decision-making in navigating the changing realities of life.  Sometimes in our personal, family, professional or business life, we face a crossroads or difficulties where we cannot see our way clear.  An I Ching consultation offers an objective reflection of ourselves and our position that can stimulate insight, broaden our vision and lead to more constructive choices.

How to Prepare for an I Ching Consultation
The I Ching is a reflection of universal laws of nature as they directly apply in any specific circumstance (see also Principles). A consultation usually lasts from 30-45 minutes.  It consists of asking a single or short series of questions.  The counselor will act as a moderator between you, the inquiry and the expression of universal principles given as the response. To prepare, it is recommended to take some time to reflect on your general situation, identify your purpose and consider what questions you have and what expectations you bring to the consultation.  You may want to take notes and bring them with you.

What happens at a Consultation ?
First, the counselor will discuss with you the details of your situation, helping you formulate the best question.  Then the counselor will briefly join you in sitting quietly to focus on your question.  As the counselor resonates with your inquiry, she or he will perform a short ritual that formalizes the question, mirrors the contents of our rational and deep mind, and connects with the relevant section of the I Ching.

The counselor will review the applicable text, suggest how this relates to your question and discuss appropriate and constructive strategies.  Through this reflective process, you will clarify your intent, deepen the understanding of your current circumstances, and gain greater opportunity to make a wise choice.

To Learn More
We offer seminars on the I Ching for those interested in learning how to develop this tool for their own regular use.  For all our consultations and teaching of the I Ching, we rely on The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth by Hua-Ching Ni available through SevenStar Communications (