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InfiniChi - Professional Training in Qigong Therapy

This program is offered by the College of Tao. It is a system designed to develop your energetic healing abilities as a professional Qi healing practitioner.

InfiniChi Certification Program
The InfiniChi professional training program utilizes the teachings and Qigong practices of the Taoist tradition of the Integral Way as a foundation. With a high level of self-motivation as an essential commitment, this program offers an excellent opportunity to implement a spiritually based Qi healing system to complement or enhance other healing modalities. The program is usually taught in 3 levels and during an 18 - 36 month period. It has both residential intensives and distance learning components. Standard TCM, Qigong and Chinese bodywork texts as well as fundamental philosophical texts such as the I Ching and the Tao Teh Jing are part of the curriculum. Home assignments include documented daily Qigong practice.

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InfiniChi institute International grants a certificate of completion upon successful fulfillment of all requirements of the program including a practical final exam. Level I covers practices for step-by-step enhancement of Qi healing abilities. Level II and III cover more in depth training of healing abilities including Qi emission, and the study and application of healing protocols. For more information, visit: Infinichi / College of Tao.