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Meditation classes, seminars & training


Taoist meditation of the integral Way tradition

A companion skill for healers and anyone engaged in stressful lives, Taoist Integral Way meditation practice releases the human being from ego-centered isolation to unite with the environment, our natural world and expanding universe and cultivate a harmonious co-evolution with all of creation. The practices are known to revitalize the body, mind and spirit and help you on the road back to complete health physically, emotionally and spiritually.

99% of all disease is either caused by or exacerbated by stress. Thousands of years of case studies and several decades of modern scientific evidence show that healthy stress management skills like meditation are a crucial part of personal health and longevity.

Historically, these Integral Way meditation practices were the seeds that blossomed into the treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including the modalities of acupuncture, herbology and Qi Healing. If you are a healthcare provider, whether you care for others through allopathic or energy medicine, counseling or other modalities and services, these meditation practices are an effective self-care tool to replenish your personal vitality and avoid compassion fatigue, burn out, or depression.

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meditation classes

All practices presented during our seminars and classes have been explored by meditators for thousands of years and have proven to be both safe and effective.

The secular tradition of the Integral Way recognizes the importance of natural diversity and emphasizes “self-cultivation” or self-development through each individual’s unique dedication. The practices are therefore presented so that each can discover and make them blossom within the sincerity of their own being. Taoist meditation styles, from deep breathing to visualization, whether sitting, standing, or lying down, are rooted in the essential practice of inner quietude. A Taoist meditation class, usually tailored to a particular context, explores one or two styles at a time in order to guard simplicity of focus.


meditation seminars

Embrace the Mother, Return to the Source

Guided by Dr Mao Shing Ni, a four-day, thirty-six hour immersion in Taoist meditation and contemplation. In an unforgettable setting, come to regenerate your vitality and redirect your life under the generous guidance of a master coach.


meditation teacher training

Our Meditation teacher training has three levels taught over a period of three years and includes standing and sitting practice, oral transmissions, self-discovery, journaling and in-depth Q&A. Topics covers symbiosis with nature such as Sun, Moon and Starlight meditation, Directional and Elemental meditation, and exploring our relationship with the plant kingdom, Wu Tao contemplation process for deep regeneration, I Ching for life guidance and other meditative experiences from the broad scope of the Integral Way approach.