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Early people lived immersed in their natural environment. They learned directly by contemplating and keenly observing nature.  This led them to see the inner workings of life in themselves as well as in their natural environment as one. They learned that the universe operates with the same organizing principles at all spheres, from the cyclical movements of the smallest atom to the orbits of the cosmos. They described this unity as a responsive web of energy or Qi. Qi (also spelled: Chi or Ki) is what gives life to any ecosystem.  Qi flows within our bodies and supports the functioning of our organs and tissues. Qi is the vitality of the Earth and manifests as mountains and valleys, forests, fields, streams, rivers and oceans.



The knowledge of Qi is at the root of the ancient science of acupuncture and Feng Shui.  It is also the basis of all Qigong (Qi – energy, gong – practice). With Qigong movement or meditation, we discover Qi, cultivate Qi, and learn how to modulate its different aspects for specific purposes. With the knowledge of acupuncture, we can re-establish the harmonious flow of Qi that is the expression of our health. With the methods of Feng Shui, we understand the flow of Qi in a particular location or environment and can introduce constructive modifications.


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