TCM Auriculotherapy

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All you need to practice with a refined & proven methodology

This workshop aims at providing the acupuncturist and other health professionals with a supplemental, convenient and simplified venue for gaining diagnostic & therapeutic results.

Auricular therapy, with massage, acupuncture, or the embedding of therapeutic devices in the ear ("press-tack" needles, seeds, or magnets), offers excellent value for its ease of application & simplified management. Auricular therapy can be applied to persons in confined conditions such as a hospital bed or wheelchair while still being able to qualitatively impact all body parts and systems. It is rapidly accessible for emergency first aid with minor accidents as well as conducive to situations where patients can continue with their activity during treatment. This last situation easily allows combinations with other therapies (physical - massage, stretching, exercise or psycho-emotional) as well as the opportunity for the patient to self-monitor a level of therapeutic benefit as they continue their daily life. Auriculo-therapy also contributes to confirm or focus the diagnostic protocol with easily appreciated visual, palpable or electrical evidence.

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jANuary 31 - february 2, 2020

This weekend provides all you need to practice using a refined & proven methodology of incremental learning that progresses by alternating practical discovery, physical confirmation, repetition and introduction of new material.

  • Hands-on learning makes memorization easy – we make our own clay ear model

  • Gain diagnostic skill through easy visual and palpatory methods

  • Learn a variety of treatment methods for any situation or level of experience

  • Review a wide range of clinic protocols to apply local therapeutic ear zones

  • Students practice on each other gaining immediate confirmation of class material

Staff: Peter Francis Cunneen, M.A.T.C.M. TCM experience includes: over 12 years teaching in US graduate school programs and over 40 years in private clinical practice. Learn more

Location: Chi Rivers, Geneva

Hours: Fri: 18h30-21h00, Sat / Sun: 09h00 - 16h30

CEU: 16 hrs, RME - ASCA

Price: CHF 480.- / pre-registration required