Tree Breathing Qigong. . . .

Tree Breathing Qigong. . . .

The simple practices of Forest Bathing and of ancient Qigong working with trees have great healing benefits, now widely documented in Japan: among other effects, stress hormone cortisol significantly decreased in test subjects after a walk in the forest. Ancient insights and current research note that the cells of the roots and rootlets of trees and our brain cells have similar functions and parallel structures: we are “inverted trees” with our brain on top while trees have their functional brain in their roots.

Meditation and the breath

Meditation and the breath

Be detached and relaxed as the chi generates naturally 

Breathing links the mind and body, establishes an underlying rhythm and calibrates our energy through regulating internal gathering or clearing. When we first settle down to meditate, it is most often useful to clear away debris. This means dispersing superficial tension and opening blockages on our way to clear, healthy functioning.

Moist, Cool and Delicious

Summer recipes to keep your internal climate sweet & sustainable

Last month we talked about how certain foods have been traditionally used, both in the diet and as a medicinal food-herb, to protect us from the dry, harsh effects of high temperature environments (link). This time, we show some recipes highlighting these cool summer foods.

Meditation - Reset the scale

Embrace the innocence of an infant.

Reset the scale

It’s summertime. You’ve worked hard all year and now seems just the right time to sit back and relax. What could be more pleasant than to have no pressure, no deadline, no work, no boss to critique or analyze you; no-one to struggle to please; nothing special to do but just enjoy some quiet time sitting, letting yourself unwind and recharge.