Meditation and the breath


Be detached and relaxed as the chi generates naturally 

Breathing links the mind and body, establishes an underlying rhythm and calibrates our energy through regulating internal gathering or clearing. When we first settle down to meditate, it is most often useful to clear away debris. This means dispersing superficial tension and opening blockages on our way to clear, healthy functioning.

Initial clearing breath
Here’s what to do. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. With the exhale, empty the chest and upper body first, then move down to the middle and finally the lower abdominal cavity. Take your time. Be thorough. Extend your exhale a little beyond what feels right. And exhale a little more and a little more. Now, use a bit of muscular force in your lower abdomen to squeeze out the last remaining breath. Now relax, close your mouth and let the inhale pour in through your nose filling you up from your lower abdomen up through your middle and finally, the chest. Repeat this breathing cycle several times.

This breathing pattern clears residual Heat and stagnation and stimulates the natural pumping of the breath.

Pratique: Observing the breath
Now relax, calm your mind and let your breathing mechanism act naturally. As a first meditation, you may observe this gently responsive, whole body activity and unite with this wonderful gift, the breath of life.

Today’s quotation source: One Spiritual Reality: A Guide to Universal Harmony - by Hua Ching Ni