Training Programs

Continuing Education & Certification

Chi Rivers is an accredited school of complementary medicine with ASCA and most of our offerings can be applied to Continuing Education credits in Switzerland. In addition, we work with the College of Tao to provide Professional Certification programs in Qi movement and Qi healing, Infinichi Life Coaching, Five Healths Feng Shui and other subjects.


TAste of wellness
TCM nutrition certification

CEU: RME - ASCA. Based on Chinese medicine, this three-part (36 hour) series presents the essentials of Eastern nutritional science. Includes care & maintenance of the digestive system, the hidden truth of nutritional analysis and principles of a balanced diet, the Five Elements and the energetics of common foods + construction of a therapeutic diet for any person or condition.

Ear - embryo.jpg

tcm auriculotherapy

Jan 31 - February 2, 2020

This workshop provides all you need to practice ear acupuncture, ear massage and other handy therapeutic techniques. It is suitable for any health professional using a refined & proven methodology with plenty of hands-on practice.



Provided with College of Tao.
CEU: RME - ASCA. Improve your life as you help others with a dynamic system of transformational coaching drawn from TCM psychology and the ancient wisdom of Tao. This experiential workshop will provide inspiration, tools and know-how to transform negative emotions and release blockages to health, happiness, prosperity and fulfilment.


Infinichi energy HEALING

Provided with College of Tao.
CEU: RME - ASCA. Healing starts from within and with correct practice can be shared through emission of Chi / energy. Following this program will provide you with a high-level system to realize your healing abilities building on a safe, step-by-step, natural progression of internal energy developed by the Taoist Integral Way tradition.



Provided with College of Tao.
CEU: RME - ASCA. The art of Feng Shui, acupuncture theory applied to space, is practical and truly enjoyable. With this certification, you can establish your basic competency as a Feng Shui consultant helping clients realign their home or work space to optimize their life. Prior attendance to at least one Five Healths Feng Shui week-end required.


Eight Treasures Qigong
teacher training

Provided in collaboration with College of Tao.
CEU: RME - ASCA. The Chi Health Institute / COT grants certification in Eight Treasures and other Qi movement arts to those who have gained learning and experience with the form, completed a Teacher Training Intensive, passed a Practical Exam and have completed the on-line course, Introduction to Taoist Self Cultivation.


CEU: RME - ASCA. Tuina, traditional Chinese bodywork therapy, is used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture and other natural therapies. It has a long tradition as one of the four pillars of natural medicine in China and has a highly developed range of techniques & clinical application. For amateur or professional, Tuina has much to offer. Co-produced with Ayun-Terapia.