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Peter Francis & Claire C Cunneen share the methods and resources of the Integral Way as senior mentors and instructors of the College of Tao & Chi Health Institute since 1990. Their own learning path was stimulated by studies in movement and group dynamics, training in the awareness-in-action work of F.M. Alexander and Marjorie Barstow, then refined with the energy medicine studies of traditional Taoist Internal Alchemy & Qigong.

They bring this integrated personal experience to their teaching, transmitting a natural process of health transformation and personal development that patients, students and friends can readily incorporate in their daily lives.



Claire C Cunneen

Claire is a College of Tao mentor, Qigong and Tai Chi instructor, and certified InfiniChi Life coach and Qi healing therapist. She holds a professional teaching certification in the Alexander technique from the American Center for the Alexander Technique and is certified by the Chi Health Institute in Taoist meditation, Dao-In & Cosmic Tour Merry-Go-Round and as a senior instructor in Self-Healing Qigong, Eight Treasures, Crane Style Qigong and Harmony Style Tai Chi. Claire holds a BA in Art History and has certifications in Classical & Five Healths Feng Shui. Her approach to Feng Shui and Life Coaching includes advanced studies with Taoist master teachers emphasizing the development of intuitive and healing skills and an in-depth understanding of the I Ching.

She has over 30 years experience teaching self-development through movement, body-mind techniques and Qigong, meditation and reflection across the US and in Europe. In the US, she designed and taught the Qigong curriculum at Mercy College’s Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Program and was one of the original instructors in the Qi development program at Yo San University of TCM in California.

Claire is in private practice at AcuCentre in Geneva as a coach, teacher and Qi healing therapist. She offers private coaching and group instruction in Qigong, leads Infinichi coaching week-ends and is co-moderating healthy cooking classes trough Chi Rivers. Whether through coaching, teaching or Feng Shui counsel, she looks to support all aspects of a healthy life – physical, mental, financial, career/life direction and relationships - and to facilitate the growth journey of each, reconnecting with their unique inner strength to move through the challenges of life.


Peter Francis Cunneen

Peter Francis is certified as a Taoist meditation teacher and as a senior instructor in Dao-In, Eight Treasures and Self-Healing Qigong methods by Chi Health Institute of the College of Tao.

He has forty years experience as a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist healing arts. He holds a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Yo San University of TCM in Los Angeles, California (a four-year full-time program), and has advanced post-graduate, clinical training from Zhejiang College of TCM in mainland China. A professor and clinical supervisor of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at several US colleges for over 12 years, he has also served in the US as a national acupuncture examiner and as an advisor on Chinese herbal medicine testing for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. In recent years, he has participated in longevity medicine and Infinichi for the Five Healths (TCM psychology) studies with Dr Maoshing Ni and in Cardio-Acupuncture with Dr Fokke Jonkman of Human Balance Teachings.

Peter leads Chi Rivers Continuing Education program and is in private practice at AcuCentre in Geneva as an acupuncturist, herbalist and naturopath of Chinese medicine


Anaïs Crouzoulon

Born and raised in Paris, Anais moved to the USA where she finished a Bachelor in Psychology and Pre-Medicine at George Washington University. She then studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition In NYC where she learned about holistic nutrition.

After studying the human body for over a decade, Anaïs realized that it was not until she addressed Human beings as whole that she could really help people. This moved her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. She obtained her Master’s degree (MA) with Honors and a specialty in Taoist healing arts from Yo San University, the only school in the USA to teach from an authentic Taoist lineage, based on the Wisdom in our relationship with Nature and on the idea that “all diseases are rooted in spirit.”

Furthering her study at the University of Santa Monica for a degree in Spiritual Psychology, she travelled for over a year to understand how different civilizations cared for the depth of the human psyche and how trauma gets lodged in the body, gets imprinted deep within our subconscious and energy field before manifesting as a physical issue. This is where her whole life changed. She started studying plant medicine through the essential oils and Chinese Tonic plants that work on all aspects of one’s whole being and has integrated these modalities into her treatment.

Currently, Anaïs is training to complete The embodied Present Process. She is a meditator of the Vipassana Tradition. She continues to cultivate her inner knowing as a foundation of her self-support and as a resource for her clients. Today, she serves in private practice in Paris, France.