infinichi Life coaching

Infinichi Life Coaching gives you a practical method to organize your direction towards health, balance and success. You gain more clarity about your life and potential and are empowered to transform what might prevent you from achieving your goals into stepping stones toward fulfillment.


Feng shui

Feng Shui refers to the ancient knowledge of the land gathered in the Far East by people who immersed themselves in nature and compiled in the I Ching or Book of Changes.  The updated Five Healths Feng Shui approach unites the practical with the intuitive, helping you establish the most supportive energy balance in any space.

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I ching

The I Ching, an intuitive product of ancient minds, is a reflection of universal laws of nature as they directly apply in any specific circumstance. As a consultation tool, the I Ching assists decision-making by offering an objective reflection of ourselves in our current, specific position that can stimulate insight, broaden our vision and lead to more constructive choices. 

Five Element Infinichi Quiz

Based on the Five Elements & Yin-Yang theories of Chinese medicine, discover your
"Elemental Personality type"