Five Element Infinichi Quiz

Based on the Five Elements & Yin-Yang theories of Chinese medicine, discover your
"Elemental Personality type"



The green energy of Spring. The Wood Personality is authoritative, with a strong drive and initiating power; they may tend to be tightly-wound and can be stubborn or stiff. They need encouragement toward listening, flexibility of mind & body, and to neutralise chemical & emotional toxins.



The red energy of Summer. The Fire Personality is passionate, enthusiastic and expansive. Fire people can be hypersensitive and tend toward burn-out from hyper-stimulation, becoming isolated or depressed. They need to clarify their Intentions, calm and nourish the mind & spirit and aid the circulatory system.



The yellow energy of late Summer and all seasonal transitions. The Earth Personality is caring, generous, concerned for others, but can neglect their own needs and drain themselves. They need to protect and strengthen their digestive centers, avoid excess indulgence and practice balanced self-nourishment. 



The White energy of Autumn. The Metal Personality is methodical, reflective and conservative and can have issues dealing with response to external stimuli and immunity. They need to cultivate spontaneity and practice deep breathing.



The dark blue energy of Winter. The Water Personality is wise, strong-willed & deep and can have health issues relating to deep body systems (kidney, reproductive). They need to get enough rest.