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Arts du Qigong - Mouvement - Énergie

La pratique du Qigong, l’art de cultiver le Qi, comprend un grand choix d’arts du mouvement et de la méditation répondant aux besoins personnels de chacun. Ces pratiques d’autorégulation énergétique offrent de l’exercice physique équilibré intègrant le coeur, le mental et le souffle.

Qigong Eight Treasures Chi Rivers Geneva Switzerland

Qigong des Huit trésors

Pratique d’élévation de l’énergie en 32 mouvements : workout complet dissolvant les blocages du mental et des muscles, dissipant le stress, ravivant notre coeur tout en renforçant les os, les articulations et notre énergie de racine. Trois sections.
Cours hebdomadaire /mardi soir ou Intensif mensuel /samedi matin ; training d’enseignement. FC : RME - ASCA.

Dao in Chinese Yoga Chi Rivers Geneva Switzerland

Dao-in - Chinese Yoga

An ancient predecessor of all later Qigong practice, Dao-In is a system of energy adjustment practices that include sitting, lying, twisting and stretching exercise, self-massage and meditation.  It counterbalances very well a life of intellectual work and is excellent to support and complement any practice of sitting meditation.

Crane Style Qigong, Chi Rivers, Geneva, Switzerland

Crane Style Qigong

This powerful Qigong teaches us how to activate and harmonize our subtle internal energy with the environment through a movement meditation form focusing on breathing & internal Qi circulation. This gentle style that benefits practitioners at any level is excellent for stress-release, Qi refinement, to increase lung capacity and self-healing power.

Cosmic Tour Ba Gua Chi Rivers Geneva Switzerland

Cosmic Tour Ba Gua

Discover the dynamic momentum of circular walking and unite with different aspects of natural energy through this very energizing, joyful spiraling dance that freely extends to the circular movement of the stars and planets. Outstanding for healing, rehabilitation, and disease prevention. Great for outdoor practice.

Taichi Chi Rivers Geneva Switzerland

Tai Chi & instruments

Harmony Style Tai Chi  is a Taoist distillation of the popular Yang, Chen and Wu styles of Tai Chi Chuan and embodies the same natural principles found in the Tao Teh Ching.  Among its many benefits, the gently circular movement of Tai Chi deeply activates Qi and blood circulation in all joints, enhances balance and gathers energy. Four levels + Sword or Staff.

Taoist meditation Chi Rivers Geneva Switzerland

Taoist meditation

Taoist meditation styles, from deep breathing to visualization, whether sitting, standing, or lying down, are rooted in the essential practice of inner quietude. A Taoist meditation class, usually tailored to a particular context, explores one or two styles at a time in order to keep focus on the simplicity of inner quietude.


Nos formateurs offrent des programmes dynamiques, interactifs et exploratoires adaptant une approche naturelle ancienne et l’intégrant à la vie moderne. Adoptée par la médecine traditionnelle Chinoise et pratiquée par les sages Taoïstes, cette approche non seulement vous aide à prévenir la maladie mais aussi vous mets sur la voie d’une vie longue, heureuse, harmonieuse and réussie. Parmi les sujets offerts : Cuisiner-Santé, les Cinq Santés de la Vie, Arts du Mouvement et de la Méditation, ou Organiser son environnement pour un soutien optimal.


INFINICHI LIFE COACHING - séminaires des cinq santés

Vous vous intéressez au développement personnel ou à une santé optimale : Ces deux séminaires offrent programme intégré couvrant l’ aspect physique, mental, relationnel, de carrière et financier de la vie. Vous découvrez un processus gradué de découverte de soi, de l’intention et des objectifs, ainsi que des pratiques de méditation et de Qigong ciblées donnant vie au concept des Cinq Éléments à travers une expérience dynamique et stimulante.



Interested in the dynamics of your health and the environment or to add to your professional skill set? Learn a modern distillation of Feng Shui to support your goals. Align your environment with your positive subconscious mind, remove blockages in your home or office and enhance all aspects of your life and of the lives of your loved ones using simple, in-depth principles of balance drawn from Chinese medicine and the I Ching.

Cours de Cuisine+Chi+Rivers+Genève+Suisse


Join us to explore healthy recipes and cooking tips based on East / West health science, relevant nutritional principles and plain good taste. Develop your "homemade" cuisine with balanced and revitalizing recipes that are easy to make while meeting your special dietary needs. Focus is on fresh & local, an abundance of vegetables, whole grains and gluten-free alternatives, virgin unrefined oils and natural, unrefined sweeteners.

Training Programs

Chi Rivers is an accredited school of complementary medicine with ASCA and most of our offerings can be applied to Continuing Education credits in Switzerland. In addition, we work with the College of Tao and Infinichi to provide Professional Certification programs in Qi movement and Qi healing, Infinichi Life Coaching, Five Healths Feng Shui and other subjects.

Special Events

Seasonal Celebrations, Chi Rivers, Geneva, Switzerland


Key points during the energy cycle of the year, such as the energetic New Year and each Solstice and Equinox are valuable opportunities for group rituals supporting personal renewal, building community and healing our connection with nature.

Open House, Chi Rivers, Geneva, Switzerland


An opportunity to see and hear about Chi Rivers, try out a little Qigong movement, sample a tasty morsel and some soothing tea while we engage in following the questions and answers on the path to greater health, life and wellness.