Chinese Secrets of Natural Beauty

Series of three Saturdays 3-5pm
October 12, November 23 & December 7, 2019

Come join acupuncturist Anais Crouzoulon in her enjoyable, in-depth, three part series.

The face is an incredibly important part of our identity, it is our business card and the first feature people see about us, it is thus important that we learn to radiate through our skin the essence of who we are

Beauty runs more than skin deep; learn the intricacies of what your face reveals about who you are, your inner state of health, your emotions, the health of your organs and your overall vigor. 

With the growing demand for natural methods for healthy aging, we turn to Chinese Medicine, both an ancient, but also a revolutionary system integrating our inner health & beauty with the natural radiance that emanates from healthy skinThese classes offer an alternative and all-natural cosmetic therapy with an abundance of preventative measures to maintain your youthful glow.

You will learn: self massage, acupuncture point protocols, using ancient Jade tools for skin rejuvenation, natural skin regimens and the optimum diet to keep your skin glowing.

As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine looking for an integrative and holistic methods for natural skin care, Anais studied with many pioneers in the area of Facial / Cosmetic acupuncture in both France and the US to help people with a natural approach to beauty and facial rejuvenation. Today she combines these methods with her knowledge in nutrition, herbal medicine and aromatherapy to offer a complete integrative system for healthy skin care.


introduction to facial acupuncture

Saturday, October 12, 3 - 5pm

  • The original face: dissolving emotions for peace & beauty

  • The face as a map to ourselves

  • Face markings reveal our emotions & personal journey

  • The skin, signifier of our Internal Health and Wellness.


sElf-cARe for naTural beauty

Saturday November 23, 3 - 5pm

  • Introduction to natural cosmetic principles

  • Key acupressure points for natural beauty / glowing skin

  • Ancient Chinese beauty tools: gua sha, jade roller, etc.

  • Self massage to stimulate Qi flow and vitality to your skin

  • Meditation for beauty

  • Cosmetic care: products, dos and don't


Food diet, DeTox and The skin

Saturday, December 7, 3 - 5pm

  • TCM views the skin as an organ; see how it fits in the body

  • Nourishing foods for healthy skin tone and glow

  • Detox and the skin for problems such as acne, eczema

  • Regeneration from the inside out 

Location:         Chi Rivers, 7 rue Ferdinand-Hodler, Geneva

Pricing:            CHF 125.- / series or CHF 50.- / single session

Led by:            Anaïs Crouzoulon