Crane Style Qigong


Crane Style QigongOpening the wings of wellness

Our physical health & wellbeing are the result of our internal energy. This powerful qigong teaches us how to activate and harmonize our subtle internal energy with the environment through a a step-by-step standing movement meditation focusing directly on breathing & internal Qi circulation. This gentle style is excellent for stress-release, Qi refinement, and to increase both lung capacity and self-healing power that will greatly benefit all practitioners at any level. Crane Style Qigong is a physically less demanding form, requiring mostly a steady quiet focus to learn and perform making it well suited for someone with a physical limitation, recovering from illness or for seniors. A six-part movement form.


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crane Form Review and Teacher Training

  • We offer a form review and Teacher Training seminar. The review seminar can be taken to deepen one's personal practice or as the pre-requisite for taking the teaching exam.

  • Form review / Teacher training


Eight Treasures Teacher certification

  • The Chi Health Institute of the College of Tao grants certification in Eight Treasures and other Qi movement arts to those who have gained learning and experience with the form, completed a Teacher Training Intensive (see above), passed a Practical Exam and have completed the on-line course, Introduction to Taoist Self Cultivation.

Introduction to Taoist Self Cultivation has been established to support a life-long experience and heighten the potential benefit from practicing and sharing Qi movement arts. The Eight Treasures and other Qi movement arts we teach are not done merely for physical exercise but to cultivate and refine our energy. To become a teacher following the Taoist tradition of the Integral Way requires gathering broad experience and exposure to the basic principles and self-cultivation methods of the tradition. This course involves reading, practice and self-study to contextualise, deepen and elucidate your experience of Qi and self-cultivation..