Eight Treasures Qigong


The old masters’ 32 movement form for energy up-liftment

This uniquely effective set of movements constitutes an in-depth energy workout designed to remove energy blockages, open the eight extraordinary channels and to enhance both physical stamina and energy flow throughout the body. Through a series of slow standing movements, the Eight Treasures brings a deep sense of calm and helps improve posture and grounding while benefiting all muscles and joints, internal organs and systems. This specific form, Pa Kun Dao-In, is a fundamental method of the Taoist spiritual path of complete development & achievement.

The Eight Treasures is particularly well suited for young and middle aged people without serious physical limitations or for anyone with previous physical training. Enjoying regular practice of the Eight Treasures lays a firm foundation for a long and healthy life.


LEARNing the Eight Treasures

Taught in three sections, taken in any sequence:

Tuesday 8-week series, 18:30-20:00; CEU: RME, ASCA - 12 hrs
CHF 250.- (225.- seniors, students or patients; 150.- repeat course)
Tiger & Crane (TC): September 17 - November 12, 2019 (no class October 22)
Move the Stars (MS): January 7 - March 24, 2020 (no class Jan 28, Feb 4 & 11)
The Great Bird (GB): April 7 - June 2, 2020 (no class April 14)

Saturday 3-mornings, 9:30-12:30; CEU: RME, ASCA - 9 hrs
CHF 225 w/ DVD (200.- seniors, students or patients; 150.- to repeat)
Tiger & Crane (TC): September 14, October 12 & November 9, 2019
Move the Stars (MS): January 25, February 22 & March 14, 2020
The Great Bird (GB): April 4, May 2 & May 30, 2020


Eight Treasures Form Review and Teacher Training

We offer three form review and Teacher Training seminars focusing on each of the three sections. The review seminars can be taken to deepen one's personal practice or as the pre-requisite for taking the teaching exam for each section.

Form review / Teacher training
Saturdays: 2pm-5pm, CEU: RME, ASCA - 3 hrs, CHF 65.-

The Great Bird (GB): November 9, 2019
Tiger & Crane (TC): March 14, 2020
Move the Stars (MS): May 30, 2020


Eight Treasures Teacher certification

  • The Chi Health Institute of the College of Tao grants certification in Eight Treasures and other Qi movement arts to those who have gained learning and experience with the form, completed a Teacher Training Intensive (see above), passed a Practical Exam and have completed the on-line course, Introduction to Taoist Self Cultivation.

  • Introduction to Taoist Self Cultivation has been established to support a life-long experience and heighten the potential benefit from practicing and sharing Qi movement arts. The Eight Treasures and other Qi movement arts we teach are not done merely for physical exercise but to cultivate and refine our energy. To become a teacher following the Taoist tradition of the Integral Way requires gathering broad experience and exposure to the basic principles and self-cultivation methods of the tradition. This course involves reading, practice and self-study to contextualise, deepen and elucidate your experience of Qi and self-cultivation.