Embrace the Mother - Return to the Source


An immersion in meditation & contemplation
Eremito, Umbria, Italy

Guide: Dr Mao Shing Ni, anti-aging specialist, bestselling author, and master coach,
lineage caretaker of the 75 generation Integral Way tradition

In these times of planetary challenges, learn from a timeless heritage
and start anew a life of open-hearted balance, inner strength and enduring happiness

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The retreat

36 hours of contemplation including group movement, standing and sitting practice (choice of chair or pillow on floor), oral transmissions, self-discovery, journaling and in-depth Q&A. Topics will cover symbiosis with nature such as Sun, Moon and Starlight meditation, Directional and Elemental meditation, and exploring our relationship with the plant kingdom, Wu Tao contemplation process for deep regeneration, I Ching for life guidance and other meditative experiences from the broad scope of the Integral Way approach.

 All practices presented during this retreat have been explored by meditators for thousands of years and have proven to be both safe and effective. The secular tradition of the Integral Way recognizes the importance of natural diversity and emphasizes “self-cultivation” or self-development through each individual’s unique dedication.  The practices are therefore presented so that each can discover and make them blossom within the sincerity of their own being.


“. . . Many pursuits in different directions bring only exhaustion. Rather, embrace the subtle essence within.”
Tao Teh Ching, chap. V, translation by Hua Ching Ni

Dr Mao Shing Ni

Dr Mao Shing Ni

You will profit from Dr Mao’s clear and updated transmission of these ancient treasures as well as his kind supportiveness of the personal learning path of each participant.

 A companion skill for healers and anyone engaged in stressful lives, Taoist Integral Way meditation practice releases the human being from ego-centered isolation to unite with the environment, our natural world and expanding universe and cultivate a harmonious co-evolution with all of creation. The practices are known to revitalise the body, mind and spirit and help you on the road back to complete health physically, emotionally and spiritually.

99% of all disease is either caused by or exacerbated by stress. Thousands of years of case studies and several decades of modern scientific evidence show that healthy stress management skills like meditation are a crucial part of personal health and longevity.

Historically, these Integral Way meditation practices were the seeds that blossomed into the treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including the modalities of acupuncture, herbology and Qi Healing. If you are a healthcare provider, whether you care for others through allopathic or energy medicine, counseling or other modalities and services, these meditation practices are an effective self-care tool to replenish your personal vitality and avoid compassion fatigue, burn out, or depression.

Eremito’s beautiful and naturally secluded setting will provide an ideal environment for this immersion in life-enhancing energy. The retreat will help you take your life to a new level of depth giving you an opportunity to refresh your relationship with the natural world and bring you back to ease and balance.

Scientific benefits of meditation

About Dr Mao Shing Ni
Co-founder of Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and of Tao of Wellness, Dr Mao Shing Ni is a 38 generation practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, leading authority on the Taoist Arts and Taoist anti-aging medicine, and author of many books and DVDs on integrative health. Dr Ni is regularly featured on American television, newspapers, and blogs and teaches internationally meditation, Tai Chi and Qigong, Feng Sui and the I Ching, Taoist Psychology, Chinese medicine and more.

Digital detox
Eremito is situated in a remote location. Participants will be able to connect via cell phones. However, be prepared to be more or less “off the grid” for the duration of the retreat.

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Q & A about the retreat

Q: I worry the program may be too much for me, can you clarify it?
Don’t feel intimidated: our focus will be gentle, personable and warm, following a natural variation of quiet activities. The theme of this four-day program is contemplation and a meditative approach. Everything will be done with ease, with no practice done for too long as we follow the ever-changing path of the sun throughout the day. Rather than quantity, we focus on depth and meaning and flexibly adapt to personal needs. In one day, we may spend time taking in the sun’s healing energy, listening to a lecture, having a cup of tea, following some simple Qigong movement or follow a self-reflection assignment, taking a walk in the woods or resting in one’s room, practice guided meditation together, socializing, sharing a silent dinner together and contemplating the stars before retiring for the night.

Q: I have difficulty sitting on the floor, or sitting for long periods of time, could I still take the program and benefit from it?  
Yes, you can. No rigid rule is applied. We will alternate stillness and movement in our activities and you can choose to sit on a chair or on the floor as you wish during sitting meditation. Guided meditation will last within a natural time frame – not too long, not too short.

Q: I have no experience meditating, is this program too advanced for me? 
No, the program is an excellent introduction to contemplation and meditation and will respond to the individual needs of each participant. Just bring your open mind, be ready to explore something a little different in your life and you will be certain to reap many fruitful experiences from the retreat.

Q: I have been meditating for years, will this program respond to my needs?
Yes, this retreat can certainly help you. In the depth of life, we are all growing children of nature. These four days together will help you nurture a profound link with mother nature and your advancing meditation practice, whether you wish to look for new input or explore a new approach, resolve a particular blockage, receive support to clarify your vision, strengthen your purpose or open the way to reap the reward from your diligent efforts.

Thursday April 16: 5-10 pm 
Fri-Sat April 17-18: 7-8, 9-1pm, 2-5:30 pm, 6-10 pm 
Sunday April 19: 6-8, 9-1pm, lunch & departing

About Eremito – our retreat location by special arrangements
An ancient hermitage converted into an eco hotel with all the modern amenities while respecting monastic traditions (monastic cells into hotel rooms), Eremito is a remote place of deep peace and quietude nestled within the Umbrian valleys, their natural spirituality enchanting the eyes and the soul.
See Eremito

The food is vegetarian, simple and delicious, with a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs coming from Eremito’s own organic garden. Please mention when booking if you have any food intolerances and Eremito will make all efforts to accommodate you.

Very conveniently located about 2 hours by car from Rome’s Fiumicino (international) or Ciampino airports, Firenze airport and about 1½ hours from Perugia airport (London connection). Airport car rentals are very affordable. Eremito can also be accessed by train all the way to Fabro Ficulle station. Eremito staff picks you up at the station. Eremito - location & travel information

Visiting Umbria
Umbria is a beautiful region of southern Italy, with Assisi at its heart. St Francis, (1181-1226), the founder of Assisi, is traditionally known as the openhearted patron saint of animals & the natural environment and the patron saint of Italy. Other noted cities are Perugia and the small medieval town of Gubbio.


What previous students have said:

“An amazing opportunity to learn meditation from a teacher with priceless experience, teaching ability and generosity.” MJ
“Studying with Dr. Mao has been life changing. I feel that I am home.” PB
“Integrates the earthy and practical with the subtle and sublime. . . . highly recommended” PS

Special note for all participants:
In order to maximise your experience, we recommend you diminish or forgo smoking, alcohol or coffee intake during the Intensive. If applicable, each participant should also discuss with their healthcare provider about the appropriateness of this Intensive given their mental or physical health situation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

CEU - ASCA, RME: 36hrs

Retreat, meals & lodging
Regular fee: CHF 1308.- > CHF 1512.- per person, all inclusive (except travel) depending on room choice

Available Now - Early Bird rate of CHF 1179.- > CHF 1383.- per person, all inclusive (except travel) depending on room choice, available now for the first 25 registrants or until Dec. 15, 2019.

Early Bird rate - choose how to pay:
- 50% now & balance by Dec. 15, 2019
- Or full payment of retreat now

In one of the 4 categories of lodging
- single room with private bath, CHF 1383.-
- couple (queen bed) in double room with private bath, CHF 1242.-
- double room (2 beds) with private bath (1 room only), CHF 1242.-
- triple room (3 beds) with private bath (2 rooms only), CHF 1179.-

Payment options
Wire transfer, credit card or Paypal