Meditation - Reset the scale


Embrace the innocence of an infant

Reset the scale
It’s summertime. You’ve worked hard all year and now seems just the right time to sit back and relax. What could be more pleasant than to have no pressure, no deadline, no work, no boss to critique or analyze you; no-one to struggle to please; nothing special to do but just enjoy some quiet time sitting, letting yourself unwind and recharge.

This is a fine way to enter meditation, as a time of quiet sitting. It is a re-setting of the scale between To Do and To Be. Generally all doing – all the time, we can lose track of ourselves. Meditation and the Internal Arts can be a useful way to regain balance, replenish and refine the quality of our being.

Find a nice, undisturbed spot, breathe, calm down and take a few minutes to unwind. Enjoy the moment until you feel your insides shift - resetting the scale. Your friends and family will thank you for it!

Today’s quotation source: One Spiritual Reality: A Guide to Universal Harmony - by Hua Ching Ni