Becoming a certified Feng Shui consultant

wHat IS feng shuI?

Feng Shui is the 5,000 year-old art of energy alignment with one’s environment. The objective of Feng Shui is to get your environment in alignment with who you are and where you want to go in life in order to harmonize and optimize your energy at home, work and play.  Feng Shui is sometimes referred to as acupuncture for your living space because it is based on the same principles of Five Elements in Chinese medicine.  Just as acupuncture works by activating energy flow and remove blockages and balance the Five Element organ systems in your body to restore healthy functions, so too does Feng Shui guides you in removing blockages, enhances positive energy flow and balances the Five Element expressions in your living space to help you manifest health, success and happiness.

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Level One Certification -
Practitioner Consultant

Level One Certification starts one on the road to be a Feng Shui consultant where one will be competent in identifying and trouble-shooting the energetic imbalances within any space and to use the Bagua Map to help the clients realign their home and work according to their personal Element and optimise all areas of their life through basic and easily accessible Feng Shui solutions and fixes.

Prerequisite: Must have attended, either live or online at least 1 of the 5 Feng Shui for Health, Happiness & Prosperity Series - see below. To receive certificate, candidate must complete ALL five courses via either live or distance learning).

Level twO Certification -
senior Consultant 

This program allows us to dive deeper into our clients’ special needs, whether it’s with their physical health, finances or relationships and help them with space planning and remodeling specifically tailored to their stated goals.  Level two includes basic knowledge of Feng Shui design and space planning from the perspective of Taoist astrology and reading of the energy arrangement from their birth chart.

About the teachers:
As Chinese medicine naturopath, Qigong healer and Chi Rivers directors, Peter Francis & Claire C Cunneen have shared the methods and resources of the Integral Way tradition since 1990. This offering follows Dr Mao Shing Ni’s teaching template, a leading authority on Taoist anti-aging medicine and author of Live Your Ultimate Life.

Feng Shui Certification Level One 
Saturday - Sunday, TBD, 9am-5pm

CHF .- or CHF .- / early bird registration due by

Feng Shui Certification Level Two
Saturday - Sunday, TBD, 9am-5pm

CHF .- or CHF .- / early bird registration due by

CEU - ASCA, RME: 16hrs / weekend