Five Healths Feng Shui seminars

With Claire C Cunneen & Dr Mao Shing Ni

According to Feng Shui, our external environment and our inner nature constantly influence one another. Using in-depth principles of balance from the I Ching, Ba Gua and the Five Elements, we improve our space with Feng Shui to support our complete being. We may apply these same Feng shui principles of balance and harmony with our environment, to our living or workspace, to the local environment or to healing the planet.

Whether you are interested in becoming a Feng Shui consultant, or would like to apply Five Healths Feng Shui to help your own life or help others, Dr Mao Shing Ni and his InfiniChi team have put together a practical program allowing you to use Feng Shui techniques without undergoing years of study. 

User-friendly & interactive
For personal use or professional application
For TCM & energy practitioners, realtors, architects or designers - expand your professional scope & skills
Specially targeted powerful Qigong and meditation practices
For a healthy body, mind/emotions, relationships, finances & life direction



HEALTH & LONGEVITY - physical health
Recovering from illness or facing a health challenge? Often feeling tired, emotionally or physically drained; lacking sleep or suffering from digestive problems or poor memory? 

Make a few changes in your home decor to implement a Feng Shui health “cure”. Find your healthiest sleeping direction, and choose from a range of physical activities and nutritional recommendations for your Element Type. 

PEACE & WISDOM - mental / emotional health
With our mind at peace, we are calm and feel in balance within the universe. Do you suffer from stress or anxiety? Is your home a place to really relax and unwind? 

Learn easy techniques to transform your home or workspace, clearing any area of stagnation and making Feng Shui modifications to activate knowledge, creativity, wisdom and self-growth.


LOVE & HAPPINESS - relationship health
Feeling the love chapter of your life is not quite perfect, would you like to improve your romantic, family or friend relationships? 

Explore the secrets to having a healthy and happy relationship with yourself and engaging better with relatives and friends; learn how to design a sensual home and magnetize your bedroom, bringing passion into your life or a new love into your future with easy-to-apply techniques.

ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY - financial health
We all have experienced the emotional feeling of lack: Ever told yourself that you were not good enough, didn't have enough money or couldn't get ahead, feeling that your abundance has dried up or facing obstacles to realizing life-astonishing possibilities?

Tune into abundance with simple techniques to strengthen your spending, time and energy. Learn how to design a prosperous home opening up to an abundant world of possibilities.

LIFE DIRECTION & SUCCESS – career health
This area represents our journey, career and passion, the reality of living our life with purpose. Are you in search of your true direction, feeling unappreciated at work or facing roadblocks for career advancement?

Learn how to activate the energy helping you connect to your unique skills and deepest aspirations, anchoring your sense of self and inviting recognition & advancement opportunities. Sharpen your abilities by learning how to work with various workplace personalities.

About the teachers / and designer of these seminars:

Dr Mao Shing Ni

A leading authority on the Taoist Arts and Taoist anti-aging medicine, author of many books and an international lecturer on longevity, Tai Chi and Qigong, Feng Sui and the I Ching, Taoist Psychology, Chinese medicine and more. Dr Mao is the creator of this unique program and will join live from California via zoom teleconferencing each day of the workshops to share his in-depth viewpoint, elicit further reflection as well as answer questions.

Claire C Cunneen

Chi Rivers co-director, Claire has 30 years experience teaching self-development through body-mind techniques and meditative arts. She is a senior College of Tao mentor and Qigong instructor, Qigong healer, InfiniChi Life coach and certified as a Feng Shui consultant. Presenter of all material covered, Claire will be working closely with Dr Mao Shing Ni to coordinate teaching.

Experiences of our previous Feng Shui seminars:

“Feng Shui turns out to be nature, not fortune telling at all.”

“Very affordable ways to optimise space that work energetically without having to really think about it. . . “

“Full of insights and presented with a fresh, new approach for everyone of all different backgrounds and interests.”

“Feng Shui and Chinese medicine use the same basic principles of moving Qi and unblocking stagnation.
A great complementary tool for TCM practitioners.”

Preparing for the seminars

  1. Think about one or two space(s) you would like to work on during the seminar

  2. Make a rough floor plan with all the rooms, indicating the general shape of the space (square, rectangular, or irregular). For each room, indicate the doors, windows and basic furniture arrangements

  3. Take pictures, especially of all significant areas (positive or negative)

  4. Use a simple compass or use your iPhone compass app to note the directions of your space. Also, stand in front of your entry door (house, apartment, office, etc) looking out, and mark the direction you are facing


Saturday - Sunday, May 16-17, 2020, 9am - 5pm

CHF 525.- or CHF 450.- / early bird registration due by April 1, 2019 

Saturday - Sunday, June 13-14, 2020, 9am - 5pm

CHF 525.- or CHF 450.- / early bird registration due by May 1, 2019

CEU - ASCA, RME, 16hrs / weekend

Registration will open Fall 2019