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harmony style tai chi

Harmony Style Tai Chi – Harmony Style Tai Chi is a Taoist distillation of the popular Yang, Chen and Wu styles of Tai Chi Chuan. Harmony Tai Chi embodies the same natural principles found in the Tao Teh Ching. Among its many benefits, the gently circular movement of Tai Chi deeply activates Qi and blood circulation in all joints, enhances balance and equilibrium and gathers energy. The harmonious dance of Tai Chi is known for its ability to reduce stress promoting smoothness, deep calm and poise in handling all life situations. Harmony Tai Chi teaches us how to preserve a safe, personal space by recycling one's energy and harmonizing conflict; deflecting negativity and welcoming positive energy. Tai Chi is an excellent study for performers, teachers, leaders and health care givers or anyone interested in discovering a gentle, self-strengthening way of moving with life. Taught in four levels.

In order to dissolve blockages and reap more benefits from Tai Chi practice, we recommend Eight Treasures Qigong as a preparatory form.

Harmony Tai Chi is like the rhythmic dance of the four seasons - sprouting, expanding, harvesting and returning to the root - a dance that endlessly renews itself.
- Dr Mao Shing Ni

Level one - 18 Step Harmony Tai Chi- In this class we learn a short, easy to learn, non-martial Tai Chi form. We will explore each movement thru repetitive patterns, discovering the principles embodied in each step. Our explorations will include working in pairs and as a group to learn how each movement becomes a subtle behavioral model we can apply in daily life. Prior experience with Qigong or other Tai Chi forms is welcome.


LEARNing harmony style tai Chi

Taught in four sections - 18-step, 28-step, 56-step & 108-step forms.

Evening series

Weekend day


Tai chi Form Review and Teacher Training

We offer form review and Teacher Training seminars focusing on each of the - 18-step, 28-step, 56-step & 108-step forms. The review seminars can be taken to deepen one's personal practice or as the pre-requisite for taking the teaching exam for each section.

Form review / Teacher training


Tai Chi Teacher certification

The Chi Health Institute of the College of Tao grants certification in Eight Treasures and other Qi movement arts to those who have gained learning and experience with the form, completed a Teacher Training Intensive (see above), passed a Practical Exam and have completed the on-line course, Introduction to Taoist Self Cultivation.