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In order to fulfill Master Ni's vision of training a new generation of Chi Healers, InfiniChi Institute International was founded as a College of Tao affiliate institute to offer professional level training in Chi Healing. Master Ni's Advanced Traditional Practices will be an integral part of this program aimed at developing your energetic healing abilities as professional Chi Therapist and utilizing the teachings of the Integral Way as a foundation. Additionally, other classical Chinese healing methods will be taught. 

Designed for bright and highly self-motivated individuals able to meet the challenges of becoming a Chi Healer, this training features a systematic progression that nurtures understanding, facilitates skill development, and promotes self-growth. 

The program is divided up into three levels with one residential intensive (2 days) per level. Students will be required to successfully pass an exam for each level. The residential intensives will emphasize practical "hands on" experience allowing students to develop a "feel" for the energy, first internally, then applying the energy outside, with others. This course draws upon the use of a variety of tools to facilitate learning and students are given complete lesson programs to follow between intensives.


Infinichi Energy healing

Chi, or energy, is the source of all life and the root of a healthy human life which contains the natural power of healing. This includes mental and spiritual cleansing, protection, and the ability to access the inner potential to reshape personal destiny.  The InfiniChi Energy Healing program transmitted through the Ni family heritage teaches us how to cultivate and gather cosmic chi for healing.  Infinichi Energy Healing uses a step by step approach that enables students to first experience their own chi and that of others, and then to further develop to be able to emit this chi to heal both themselves and others.

The program

Level One includes five Taoist cultivations, five internal organ exercises, six healing sounds, the five clouds mediation, pulling chi from nature, and an introduction to chi emission.
Level Two focuses on chi emission, energy sensitivity exercises and an introduction to Chinese body work as well as effective techniques for leading and guiding the chi.
Level Three focuses on practical application, including dispersing turbid chi, common energetic dysfunctions, energetic invocations, character writing, hand assessment, distance healing, color healing and the invisible needle. 


About the teachers:
As Chinese medicine naturopath, Qigong healer and Chi Rivers directors, Peter Francis & Claire C Cunneen have shared the methods and resources of the Integral Way tradition since 1990. Dr Arnold Tayam, initial designer & Ed Sullivan, MA, dean of the program will be co-teaching.


What previous trainees have said:

“As a long-time Qigong practitioner, Infinichi Energy Healing allowed me to extend my practice to others. The approach is open and showcases everyone’s unique gifts. The methods taught are true treasures of self-regulation and empowerment that drive and inspire each patient towards lasting healing. “ CL
”I easily adapted this flexible program to my schedule as an acupuncturist. The contribution of the program to my needling and Qi activation techniques is magnificent and this new tool - acupuncture without needles - allows me to help patients unable to receive needles.” OB
”As a caregiver, discovering Chi transmission of the healing message without physical connection, in a safe, true and effective way, continues to be a revelation and a source of inspiration.” VS

CEU - ASCA, RME: number of hrs for the entire training