Week-end de Formation en InfiniChi Life Coaching
avec Dr Mao Shing Ni

Niveau I, Formation Continue MTC: asca, rme

Explore the art of listening and of facilitating an integrated self-discovery process leading to self-management. Improve your life and help others through a dynamic system of personal transformational coaching drawing from the ancient wisdom of the Taoist Integral Way tradition.

This will be a unique opportunity to apply Five Element psychology and work on counseling skills and techniques following the direct inspiration of a 38th generation healer & teacher.

This experiential workshop will include personal, in pair and group discovery work, yin-yang facilitation and more. You will deepen your knowledge of the Five Elements and harness its powers to transform lives, gaining clarity and recognising and releasing blockages to health, happiness, prosperity and spiritual fulfilment in one's life.


Specifically, you will learn to master practical tools and professional step-by-step processes to coach yourself and your clients to:

  • Transform anger to insight, frustration to patience

  • Transform confusion and vulnerability to openheartedness and love

  • Transform worry and neediness into empathy and satisfaction

  • Transform loss and grief to appreciation and acceptance

  • Transform fear and doubt to wisdom and trust.

With Dr. Mao Shing Ni

Anti-aging specialist, best selling author, master coach and author of Live Your Ultimate Life.

What previous participants to the Five Healths Seminars have said:

  • “An amazing transformational experience.” BL

  • “Le travail d’ancrage de mon parcours. . . . l’exploration en profondeur des aspects psychologiques des Cinq Éléments m’ont été très bénéfiques." YD

  • “Excellent équilibre entre les segments conférence, expérience et découverte personnelle.” CV

  • " . . . integrates the earthy and practical with the subtle and sublime. . . . highly recommended" PS

Saturday - Sunday, TBD, 9am-5pm

CHF .- or CHF .- / early bird registration due by

Saturday - Sunday, TBD, 9am-5pm

CHF .- or CHF .- / early bird registration due by

CEU - ASCA, RME: 16hrs / weekend