Taste of Wellness - TCM Nutrition

Certification Program


A series presenting the essentials of Eastern / TCM nutrition (CEU - ASCA, 36-hours)

This is a three-part series that presents all the essentials of Eastern nutrition. These workshops teach the principles of a healthy way of eating according to traditional Chinese medicine and modern nutritional science.


part I: a taste for health

A good meal takes preparation, sharing & clean up: in this workshop, we clarify our goals and learn the basics of a balanced way of eating, share our stories with food & eating and clean-up the blockages that keep us from choosing a life-fulfilling path of healthy food. We will explore taste-testing to develop our internal laboratory of food analysis, examine the basic qualities of the food groups and learn various methods to help construct a balanced diet. 

Topics include:
Care & maintenance of the digestive system.
Qigong & self-massage to promote digestion.
The mind & emotions: relations to food & cravings.
How social culture & environment affect digestion.
What gives food its nutritive quality?
What are the natural principles of a balanced diet?
Why some substances are so bad for our health?
The Five Elements: adjusting diet with constitution.

part II: the eNergetics of Food

We will review each food group’s energetic profile according to tenets of Chinese & western medicine; Analyze nearly 100 common foods according to their traditional energy (taste, temperature, entering channels) & therapeutic functions & indications with illustrative highlights from bio-medical nutritional science; Introduce selected Chinese food-herbs, (ancient super-foods) showing how they can be utilized to extend dietary therapy. Adjusting diet based on the seasons, age, gender or lifestyle.

Pre-requisite: Tao of Nutrition Part I or equivalent.

part IiI: chinese nutritional analysis

This workshop teaches how to assemble dietary programs from the clinical perspective of Oriental medical diagnosis. We review common foods, food-herbs & supplements, organizing them into functional groups (ex: Foods that regulate the flow of Qi), and then, along with analysis of food preparation methods & other eating habits, discuss what would most aggravate or benefit each condition. This results in a well-constructed plan for individual patients to assist in improving their constitutional imbalances or aid their recuperation from any disease.

Pre-requisite: Tao of Nutrition Part I & II, or equivalent.


About the teachers:
As Chinese medicine naturopath, Qigong healer and Chi Rivers directors, Peter Francis & Claire C Cunneen have shared the methods and resources of the Integral Way tradition since 1990. Inspired by Dr Mao Shing Ni’s Tao of Nutrition template, a leading authority on Taoist anti-aging medicine.

What previous participants to the Taste of Wellness - TCM Nutrition series have said:

“Very informational and well researched, very well organized. I loved composing my own healing recipes for specific syndromes.” LG

“I not only have now a good method for researching further the subject. I am now able to offer helpful dietary counsel to my patients.” AD

“I love the tasting / discovery part to evaluate in detail the Qi of various foods! Thank you.” BN

Saturday - Sunday, , 9am-5pm

Saturday - Sunday, , 9am-5pm

Saturday - Sunday, , 9am-5pm

Taste of Wellness / TCM NutritionI
CHF .- registration due by

CEU - ASCA / 36hrs